Gender justice and equality

Transforming power and privilege into equity and equality for all. Systemic redistribution of power, opportunities, and access for people of all genders through the dismantling of harmful structures including patriarchy, homophobia, and transphobia.

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

  1. Provision of accurate information on accessibility of service through capacity building on Sexual reproductive health and rights: GBV, HIV, Abortion, FP, contraceptives.
  2. Linking/referring vulnerable adolescents to service providers
  3. Promotion of the rights of persons with disability, street children and other marginalized persons to get access to SRHR products at an affordable price

Human rights monitoring and reporting

  1. Shadow reporting
2. Engaging regional and international human rights mechanism
3. Engaging international forums/platforms, and Global gathering on the rights of women and children: Women Deliver, ICFP, ICASA, INROADS, Share Net International, etc.

Illicit financial flows and impact on development

Engaging different stakeholders to join efforts in combating money laundering, tax evasion and international bribery, which make up the bulk of Illicit Financial Flows.